Critic's Notebook: 'Westworld' Took Its Time Opening the Door, But Season 3 Should Benefit From the Next Step Forward
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In its two seasons, 'Westworld' has been a series that seems to fracture the available audience into thirds. In the first season, a certain number of people got annoyed at the shifting time puzzle — probably, for some of them, because super-fans on the web were constantly guessing and unfolding Easter eggs and theories until their heads exploded (or their readers did). Another third was all-in because of one or all of the elements that Westworldbrought to the table — a revamped look at AI and sentient beings, with violence and sex and mystery and, for those who liked it, a lot of existentialism about what it means to be truly alive and to evolve, personally, morally, philosophically. And maybe the last group, now perhaps emboldened by the second season finale's multiple time-jumping gymnastics and what seemed like 17 different endings, will continue watching but do so with an annoyed headache.

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Posted Sun, Jun 24 2018 10:30 PM by Television
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