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Watch: Full New Trailer For 'John Carter' Brings A Bigger Bang To The Red Planet

While the first teaser trailer for Disney's very, very expensive "John Carter" was all atmosphere and mystery, with a release date fast approaching a $300 million price tag to justify, a brand new trailer has landed today at IGN and it's certainly ditching any pretense of being thoughtful. Though the use of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" (or a resonable facsimilie anyway) does its job of shorthanding the gravitas.
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So... Sundance Didn't Select Your Film; We'd Like To Get To Know You. Introduce Yourself & Your Work

I did this each of the last 2 years, and I figured I'd make it an annual thing; especially as awareness of S&A continues to broaden. There were no takers when I posted this in 2010 and 2009, but maybe someone (or some people) will bite in 2011... or maybe not.
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How To Destroy Angels Cover Bryan Ferry For 'Dragon Tattoo' Soundtrack; Nearly 3 Hours Of Music Will Span Six LPs

Are you one of those folks who still buys music on vinyl? Well, better make some shelf space because "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" soundtrack is coming and it's fucking massive.
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Watch: Wonderfully Oddball Trailer For 'Rubber' Director Quentin Dupieux's 'Wrong'

One of the most engagingly strange movies of the past year was the killer flick "Rubber." Brought to life by Quentin Dupieux, the film was a true original, telling the tale of a car tire (yes, a car tire) with telepathic, muderous powers. The movie was a big genre hit and put Dupieux on the map. Well, he's back once again and headed to Sundance with a brand new film.
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Indiewire's Must-Read Cheat Sheet for the 2012 Sundance Film Festival

Where do Sundance films come from? If you're an Indiewire reader, they've been hiding in plain sight. We took a look at this year's dramatic competition titles and realized that Indiewire and/or our blog network has written about virtually all of this year's films and/or their makers. So we searched our archives in order to give you an advance look at the films and the filmmakers. (To make up for the one we didn't have -- Youssef Delara and Michael D. Olmos' "Filly Brown" -- we've embedded clips from their prior works.) Beasts of the Southern Wild / U.S.A. (Director: Benh Zeitlin, Screenwriter: Benh Zeitlin, Lucy Alibar) Michael Tully called Zeitlin's "Glory at Sea" his favorite film of 2008. Zeitlin was also the subject of a benefit at the Alamo Drafthouse after a car accident during the 2008 SXSW left him with a broken hip and forced him to miss the entire event. The Comedy / U.S.A. (Director: Rick...
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Daniel Day-Lewis Looks Pretty Presidential Eating Dinner With His 'Lincoln' Goatee

"Four score and seven years ago, I ordered a dessert dammit..."
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Neo-Noir Thriller "The Samaritan" Starring Samuel L. Jackson and Ruth Negga Acquired by IFC Films

A film we last talked about this past May; the David Weaver-directed Neo Noir thriller titled The Samaritan, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Ruth Negga, has been acquired by IFC Films for domestic distribution.
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Back-To-Back Terrence Malick Movies Means No ‘Noah’ For Christian Bale, Will Michael Fassbender Take Over?

Well, this was probably inevitable. With Christian Bale taking on two Terrence Malick movies in 2012, "Lawless" and "Knight Of Cups" which are shooting back-to-back, it made the prospect of him appearing in Darren Aronofsky's dream project "Noah" all the more unlikely. Well, now it's official as Variety confirms his exit, but reveals another intriguing name as possibility to take over.
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Will Sundance 2012 Docs Influence Debate on Poverty, Hunger, Economic Inequality?

With the announcement of the Sundance competition on Wednesday, the documentary program -- as usual -- is newsworthy: 16 nonfiction films representing some of the most respected filmmakers of the form. As with past Sundance docs, there is a real chance to influence the national discussion on important topics, ranging from American healthcare to nuclear power. I'll never forget trailing Al Gore through the snowy parking lot at the Library before the premiere of "An Inconvenient Truth" some years back. Docs can make a difference, and nowhere is that more apparent than at Sundance.
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Alice Eve Joins 'Star Trek 2' As A New Character To The Franchise

Not be rude or crude, but the biggest thing about Alice Eve's Hollywood movie career so far has been her considerable assets. They pretty much did half of the heavy lifting in her role as the braless babysitter in "Sex & the City 2" and the entire plot of "She's Out of My League" revolved around how hot she was. But Eve showed she can play smart and beautiful with her stint on the fucking terrible final season of "Entourage," which also displayed she could rise above brutal material. She was also charming in the underseen Brit flick "Starter For Ten" many years back, which brings us to "Star Trek 2," because guess what fanboys, she's joining the Enterprise.
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Here's the Sundance 2012 U.S. And World Competition Lineups; Fest Heads Discuss Their Choices

It's finally here: The first in a series of lineup announcements from the Sundance Film Festival. Indiewire published the 2012 competition this afternoon, which includes 110 features selected from 4,042 submissions. The program represents 31 countries, with 44 films from first-time filmmakers. (Tomorrow will bring details of the NEXT, Park City at Midnight and Spotlight sections.) 2012 Competition Lineup: U.S. Dramatic Competition U.S. Documentary Competition World Cinema Dramatic Competition World Cinema Documentary Competition "We are, and always have been, a festival about the filmmakers," Sundance founder Robert Redford said in a statement. "They are making statements about the changing world we live in." Meanwhile, the world that Sundance lives in has changed as well: Last year, festival-goers crowded into a diminished environment with the Racquet Club (one of the larger screening locations) out of commission for renovations. But...
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Brit Marling Says 'The East' Has An Undercurrent Of "Revolution And Rebellion" In The Story

Just a year ago, Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij were scrambling to finish their debut collaboration, “Sound of My Voice,” to have it ready in time for the Sundance Film Festival. Speaking last week to Marling from the Shreveport, LA set of their follow-up, “The East,” the multitalented actress seemed enormously grateful for the opportunities she and Batmanglij are currently enjoying, even if Hollywood hasn’t yet quite written them a blank check.
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Sony Will Distribute 'The 'Evil Dead' Remake, Filming To Kick Off In 2012

The remake train keeps on rolling, and yes kiddies, Sam Raimi is producing a remake of his own cult classic "The Evil Dead" and now a powerhouse studio is behidn the movie.
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