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Sounds of Mad Men-Era Come to Life Via Pandora Radio

Can't get enough of the sounds of the '60s? Check out Pandora's new radio station inspired by Mad Men.
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Banana Republic's Mad Men Casting Call Contest Starts Today

Upload a photo of yourself and enter to win a walk-on role in Season 5 of the Emmy award-winning series.

Don Draper and Company Are Back and as Stylish as Ever in This Mad Men Gallery Shoot

What's the look for Mad Men Season 4? Well, you'll find some clues in this photo gallery spotlighting the men of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.
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Is this the end of the Indie Eye blog?

Well, sort of. The Indie Eye is being combined into the main IFC News blog. So head to IFC.com/news/movies for continuing film coverage.
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Bill Murray teaches us how to leave the room.

We're living through a golden age of Bill Murray interview -- which is to say he's actually doing them. On TV, Letterman's the only host sharp and pissy enough to keep up with a guy whose public appearances almost always involve some kind of performance art element. Many comedians have a reputation for being self-loathing and/or hard to deal with; Murray, though, is almost scary, as in the much-bandied-about story where Murray comes up to someone in a park, puts his hands over their eyes, then says "no one will ever believe you" and walks away. Even when he's inexplicably serving drinks to the SXSW crowd, there's something there a little hard and off-putting. If Murray had been born 20 years later, he could've given Vincent Gallo a run for his money. As Dan Fierman notes in his GQ interview with Murray, the man has "sat down for exactly four...

Fitting into a box, lessons to be learned from faith-based films.

In an interview with genre cult figure Philip Ridley at Twitch comes the following disclosure: "The kind of films I've been interested in making are not very easy to get off the ground. They don't fit into a neat box or category." It's a variation of a common lament of filmmakers who have trouble working as fast as they'd like is, to filmmaking as "I'm not here to make friends" is to reality TV. What, then, can we make of Sherwood Baptist Church, the highly successful organization whose ministry is responsible for the Kirk Cameron-starring Christian redemption tale "Fireproof" (technically the highest-grossing independent film of 2008) and who keep making low-cost films with evangelical messages? If you want to talk about a neat box, this is the way to go about it. Michael Catt -- senior pastor, supervisor of Christian film -- is unabashed about this and has some very...

You Can See Where You'd Fit at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce With an Online Interview

With the Mad Men Season 4 premiere less than a week away, the time has come to find out where you stand with the new ad agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.
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Mad Men Season 3 Online Extras

A perfect companion to the Season 3 marathon on-air tonight, these videos, photo galleries and quizzes will keep you sharp for the Season 4 premiere this weekend.
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Coming Soon - Banana Republic's Mad Men Casting Call

Starting this Wednesday, you can upload a photo of yourself to enter to win a walk-on role in Season 5 of the Emmy award-winning series.

Albert Brooks' secret epic aspirations.

Despite his status as one of the more cerebral comics to emerge from the '70s, Albert Brooks -- unlike rough stand-up contemporaries Woody Allen and Steve Martin -- has never been much of an essayist, and certainly not a book-writer. Until now: next May will see the publication of his first novel, "2030: The Real Story of What Happens in America," which more or less makes it sound like Brooks -- who hasn't made a movie in five years -- is entering his Al Franken period. The plotline sounds awfully didactic: A population that has finally been freed from the scourge of cancer is dramatically aging, sparking resentment against the 'olds' and leading to a nation so hamstrung by entitlements and debt that its only way out are solutions heretofore unthinkable. In the brief accompanying interview, Brooks also invokes taking "to the streets" during Vietnam and laments that the kids...

Clooney going to court vs. the Mel Gibson tapes.

There was something refreshingly old-fashioned, in this week of Mel Gibson, in the sight of George Clooney arriving at a Milanese courtroom to a press corps cluster so big the judge had to get a bigger space to accommodate all the journalists and paparazzi. Clooney showed up in his usual natty style, offering 90 minutes of testimony about the three men who'd allegedly forged Clooney's signature to fraudulently promote a clothing line in his name. He gave a few good lines -- "Nice to meet you," he said to the only defendant in court, "it's the first time" -- and told the courtroom they could laugh after reciting all the products he's endorsed, including Martini, as directed by Robert Rodriguez in this commercial: The interpreter was Valentina Gianoli, a 32-year-old who -- as the Telegraph's Philip Willan Rome notes -- "gave up a day at the beach to be present...

New York's Gone Mad - AMC Mad Men Season 4 World Premiere Screening Event

Join AMC to watch the premiere on the big screen Sun., Jul. 25 in Times Square.
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Mad Men Has a Fan in the White House; Jon Hamm Nabs W Magazine Cover

Read on to learn about Jon Hamm's acting roots as Winnie the Pooh and find out who's watching Mad Men in the Oval Office.
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Ask Jon Hamm Your Questions for Season 4

Submit your questions for Jon Hamm in the Mad Men blog. Answers will appear shortly after the premiere on Sun., Jul. 25.
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Since You've Already Mad Menned Yourself, Maybe You Should Mad Men Your Living Room

AMC has teamed up with Design Within Reach for a contest in which one lucky winner will get a new living room set inspired by the award-winning series.
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