• Two Weeks to Go Until the 2015 Athena Film Festival (New Poster)

    There's just two weeks left until the launch of the 5th annual Athena Film Festival, which will run at the Barnard College campus in Manhattan from February 5-8, 2015. This year, Jodie Foster will receive the festival's Laura Ziskin Lifetime Achievement...
    Posted to Film Festivals by Festivals on Tue, Jan 20 2015
  • Indian Documentaries Are Enjoying a Renaissance, But You Can't See Them. Here's Why.

    Something new is happening to Indian documentaries. But so far, it's not very easy to find them. Only three Indian documentaries have found theatrical distribution in their own country -- and while the nation has more than 800 TV channels, not one is devoted to showcasing documentaries. After India gained independence in 1947, the documentary film was primarily something that the Indian state used as a propaganda tool in order to construct a national identity. The state film agency, Film Division, produced a wealth of films on folklore, traditional dancing and other identity-creating topics. Later, political activists -- often in opposition to the government -- started to use documentary films as way to put focus on issues such as the environment and minorities. In recent years, this political approach to documentary filmmaking has been joined by a new generation of filmmakers, who have widely different approaches to the genre. Take, for example,...
    Posted to Indieville by Indiewire on Thu, Mar 1 2012
  • Exclusive: Seattle's Capitol Hill Block Party Announces 2015 Lineup

    Seattle's Capitol Hill Block Party is announcing its 2015 festival lineup exclusively via Billboard today. The Block Party, which takes...
    Posted to The Business of Music by Music News on Tue, Mar 31 2015
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  • New York Film Critics Circle Award Winners (In Progress)

    The New York Film Critics' Circle, widely considered one of the leading organizations of film critics in the country, are announcing the winners of their 2012 awards this morning. Indiewire will have all the winners as they come in. The 2012 New York Film Critics’ Circle Award Winners: Best Film: TBA Best Director: TBA Best Screenplay: TBA Best Actress: TBA Best Actor: TBA Best Supporting Actress: TBA Best Supporting Actor: TBA Best Cinematography: TBA Best Non-fiction Film: TBA Best Foreign Language Film: TBA Best First Feature: TBA Special Award: TBA Sign up HERE for Indiewire's Awards Season newsletter and receive a twice-weekly email roundup of our awards stories, hand-picked by our editors from across the Indiewire Network, plus additional coverage in the final run up to the Oscars.
    Posted to Indieville by Indiewire on Mon, Dec 3 2012
  • Meet the Hack Behind "Screenwriting Tips... You Hack"

    About two years ago, someone on Twitter told Xander Bennett to shut up about spec scripts. In that person’s defense, he actually suggested that Bennett start a blog, but the Australian writer suspects that advice might have hidden an ulterior motive. Regardless of the reason for the suggestion, Bennett took it and “Screenwriting Tips...You Hack” was born. Initially, STYH was a Tumblr, containing all the tips and observations that Bennett ...
    Posted to Indieville by indieWIRE News on Mon, Oct 24 2011
  • Standard & Poor's warns of possible News Corp. downgrade

    With fallout from the News of the World phone hacking scandal far from contained, corporate ratings firm Standard & Poor's on Monday said that it was putting Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. on its "CreditWatch" list, which could result...
    Posted to Company Town by Company Town on Mon, Jul 18 2011

    Los Angeles, CA – Robert Redford, Founder and President of Sundance Institute, and Wally Weisman, Chairman of the Board, today announced the appointment of Keri Putnam as the Institute’s new Executive Director. “In the spirit of moving...
    Posted to Film Festivals by Sundance Film Festival | News on Wed, Feb 24 2010
  • Universal Music and Havas Media's Data Alliance: Welcome to the (New) Music Business

    There's a saying about radio: it's not the music business, it's the advertising business. The new partnership between Universal Music Group and Havas...
  • “Things Should Happen That Surprise You”—Jill Soloway Gets “Inspirey” at the Forum

    Jill Soloway delivered on her promise at the start of her keynote at this past weekend’s Film Independent Forum to give a talk that would be “inspirey and motivatey”—partly because she did that thing most great speakers do: she was brutally honest about the rock-bottom […]
  • Q&A: Drunk History

    Sundance Institute’s first-ever ShortsLab: L.A. will be held at the end of July and caps off with a screening of the 2010 Sundance Short Film Prize winners including Dramatic Jury Prize winner Drunk History: Douglass & Lincoln . Undeniably original...
    Posted to Film Festivals by Sundance Film Festival | News on Thu, Jul 15 2010
  • Get Your Vine On For Mike Figgis: Oscar-Nominee To Judge Video Competition For East End Film Festival

    Vine, the love it or loathe it video app from Twitter, just got a boost of credibility from Academy Award-nominated director, Mike Figgis. The writer/director of "Leaving Las Vegas" has teamed up with the East End Film Festival in London to launch EMERGE, a new initiative focusing on digital filmmaking, the future of film, transmedia and experimental filmmaking. Figgis will introduce EMERGE on July 3 before sitting down to judge entries for a video competition consisting of nothing but Vine videos. Anyone can enter and every entry will be screened at the event before Figgis announces a winner. To submit, simply create a Vine video using "emerge" as a theme and include the #eeff2013 hashtag in your post. Figgis will also be cutting together Vine versions of his films to screen at the event, including "Internal Affairs," "Hotel," and "Liebestraum." His new film, "Suspension of Disbelief," will also be screened as a Vine video before making its UK premiere later in the...
    Posted to Indieville by Indiewire on Wed, Jun 12 2013
  • The Searchers

    From the way Hollywood deals with matters of faith, you’d think it was a closed case. Either belief is passively assumed, an unchallenged fact of existence—think of all those hackneyed, string-scored, skyward-glancing, safely vague happy endings—or...
    Posted to Film Festivals by Sundance Film Festival | News on Wed, Jan 26 2011
  • Watch: Gina Carano Kick Ass in Trailer for Steven Soderbergh's "Haywire"

    Now you're just spoiling us, Steven Soderbergh! A week or so the ace trailer for his star-studded thriller "Contagion" dropped; now, with Comic-Con in full swing, we're treated to the preview for his other thriller, "Haywire," which looks equally as compelling. (He's also apparently not retiring after all according to reports at the event.) In the action flick mixed martial arts superstar Gina Carano plays Mallory Kane, a highly trained ...
    Posted to Indieville by indieWIRE News on Fri, Jul 22 2011
  • The Great Park City Heist

    The 2011 edition of New Frontier has just been announced for the Sundance Film Festival and it’s evident that Park City will be transformed. New Frontier , a quasi festival within the Festival, highlights work where film and art intersect, and offers...
    Posted to Film Festivals by Sundance Film Festival | News on Wed, Nov 3 2010
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