• Is 'Hell on Wheels' Worth Adding to Your DVR Line-up in Its New Season?

    It should to be said that "Hell on Wheels," AMC's Western drama set just after the Civil War and due to return for a second season kicking off this Sunday, August 12th at 9pm, is no "Deadwood." In an uneven 10-episode first season that ended in January of this year, the Joe and Tony Gayton-created series repeatedly and helplessly brought to mind David Milch's dense, brilliant HBO show, in not just its gritty frontier setting but its characters (Cullen Bohannon is a parallel to Seth Bullock; Doc Durant is Al Swearengen; Lily Bell is Alma Garret and Eva is Trixie) and overall vividly dark aura. "Hell on Wheels" can't compare to "Deadwood," but then few series can -- Milch's drama managed to show the process of a civilization forming out of chaos, and had a singularly strange and wonderful style of dialogue, balanced violence and distress with moments of incredibly warmth and empathy, and offered...
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  • Vote for Project of the Week! Will It Be 'Downloadday,' 'Speechless' 'Action Hero' or 'T-REX'

    Vote below for this week's Project of the Week. The winning filmmaker will receive a digital distribution consultation from SnagFilms and will become a candidate for Project of the Month. That winner will be awarded with a creative consultation from the fine folks at the Tribeca Film Institute! The four projects up for the prize: "Happy Downloadday," "Speechless," "How to Become an Extreme Action Hero" and "T-REX." Voting will end on Monday August 13, at 11AM Eastern. Which film do you most want to see?
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  • "2 Days in New York" Q&A with Julie Delpy: Humor Always Helps

    The writer/director/star talks about her fascination with annoying people, Chris Rock’s confessional relationship with Obama, and her love of Scorsese comedies like “Goodfellas”—wait, what?
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  • Locarno Review: An Awkward Loner Made Mesmerizing in the Canadian Feature 'Tower'

    More than once in "Tower," the discomfiting first feature from Canadian writer-director Kazik Radwanski, 34-year-old loner Derek -- memorably played by newcomer Derek Bogart -- issues a dubious refrain: "I don't want you to think I'm some sort of weirdo," he says. Of course, that's all anyone thinks of this squinty-eyed, cartoonishly bald and finicky bachelor as he juggles odd jobs while living with his parents. Getting uncomfortably intimate with Derek from the first scene of "Tower" until its last, Radwanski dares the audience to feel differently about him. It's no easy task. Throughout the movie, Derek wears a distinctive frozen expression, his eyes locked in a distant gaze. Early on, after making the rounds at a nightclub and chasing a few women home, he awakes the next morning with a nasty red wound between his eyes. Never hidden from view, the injury is one of many merciless forces that turn Derek into an unseemly figure....
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  • Movie Lovers We Love: Cristina Cacioppo Is Not Afraid to Put 'Pootie Tang' Back on the Big Screen

    Cristina Cacioppo was hired by the 92Y Tribeca to help head up their film programming when it opened as a downtown venue for the arts organization 92Y a few years ago, and once she was hired, she noticed a hole in New York repertory film programming right away. "Los Angeles had Cinefamily, and there was the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, but there wasn't a lot of places to screen cult stuff or less serious films." After graduating college, Cacioppo started a decade ago working as an intern for Christine Vachon's Killer Films and at the Ocularis film screening series at the Galapagos Art Space, which at the time was in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood. After a few years doing that, Cacioppo moved to Boston where she put together several screenings and series at universities and libraries. Soon after coming back to New York, Cacioppo got the job at 92Y Tribeca, where she's hosted screenings of films like "Pootie Tang" and...
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  • CNN suspends 'GPS' host Fareed Zakaria

    TV News: Journo admits to 'serious lapse' in lifting material from New Yorker
    Posted to The Business of Television by Variety - TV News on Fri, Aug 10 2012
  • Here's 10 of Our Favorite Romantic Comedies Set in the Big Apple, in Honor of '2 Days in Paris'

    With "2 Days in New York," Julie Deply's hilarious and romantic follow up to her wry comedy "2 Days in Paris," opening in select theaters today (it's also currently available on VOD), we've decided to share with you 10 of our favorite romantic comedies (though some of our choices are questionably classified as such) set on the island of Manhattan. This list is by no means definitive, so we invite you to share some of your picks below. "Annie Hall" "Annie Hall," the romantic comedy that proved Woody Allen was an auteur of the highest order and did the unthinkable by beating "Star Wars" for the Best Picture Oscar in 1997, still holds up to this day as arguably Allen's best and most widely accessible film to date. Diane Keaton won a Best Actress Oscar for playing the titular role, a nutty yet totally loveable lounge singer with a fear of initimate relations (she needs to smoke up before sex in order to relax) and...
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  • Controversial talk show dumped following GLAAD protests

    After years of protests by the Gay & *** Alliance Against Defamation, Spanish-language broadcaster Liberman Broadcasting has pulled the plug on the controversial television talk show “Jose Luis Sin Censura.”
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  • BBC Making a TV Movie to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of 'Doctor Who'

    Next year, it will have been a formidable half-century since "Doctor Who" was first broadcast back on November 23rd, 1963. The long-running, once-revived BBC sci-fi series has been through several (literal) incarnations, ingeniously including in its own concept the possibility for its main character to be regenerated with a new body (and in some ways a new personality), and to therefore be played by a new actor. In honor of the series' 50th anniversary, BBC has announced it'll be making a special TV movie for next year -- "An Adventure In Space And Time," a drama that will tell the story of the genesis of "Doctor Who" and the people who created and helped shape the show. According to Steven Moffat, the current lead writer and executive producer of "Doctor Who" and the executive producer of "An Adventure In Space And Time," “The story of 'Doctor Who' is the story of television --...
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  • E.T. – Thirty Years Later

    Thirty years ago, a little creature was left stranded on earth and changed movie history forever. Devoid of name actors, Steven Spielberg ’s personal film, E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial, was produced on a far more intimate scale than his preceding pictures...
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  • Autodesk Announces Extensions for 2013 3D Animation Software

    This week at SIGGRAPH, Autodesk announced new extensions for Autodesk Maya 2013 and Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 3D animation software, which are included in the Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suites 2013. Available to users with active subscription contracts...
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