Contender – Costume Designer Carlo Poggioli, Youth
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Paolo Sorrentino's Youth tells the story of a vacationing retired orchestra conductor (Michael Caine) who receives an invitation from Queen Elizabeth II to perform again. Costume designer Carlo Poggioli, who is known for his work on Cold Mountain (2003), Van Helsing (2004) and Divergent (2014) was excited at the opportunity to be a part of Youth, especially because he had always been a fan of Sorrentino's. "Immediately I was very enthusiastic because I read the script and we talked about the actors. Usually, I like to, after the first discussion with the director, immediately do drawings because I like to show the director my exact ideas for the actors," said Poggioli. In this case, he was inspired by many famous conductors and composers and took some cues from the way they dressed. The costume designer and the director discussed these looks and the collaboration was off and running.

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