Contenders – Editors Chris Dickens and Melanie Oliver, Les Misérables
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For the new movie version of the hit theatrical show Les Misérables, the filmmakers engaged in a rigorous 70-day shoot with musical sequences realized live on set. Aboard from the beginning was editor Chris Dickens who faced the technical challenges of cutting a production without the traditional method of editing a musical by syncing the music in post to lip-synced on-set shots performed to playback. “It’s more like cutting as you would a straight drama with sync sound and putting the music on later,” Dickens stated. “In that way, it was more the kind of workflow that would be used on any movie. The tempo may be different from take to take. [Director] Tom Hooper wanted the actors to flex their muscles and give a proper performance and develop it as they were shooting.”

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Posted Wed, Jan 2 2013 10:58 AM by Below the Line
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