Contender – Sound Editor Wylie Stateman, Django Unchained
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For Quentin Tarantino, sound is extremely important. He has stated that even before he starts writing, he selects an opening credit theme song, and that starts the writing process. According to Wylie Stateman, supervising sound editor on Tarantino’s new picture Django Unchained, “Quentin has a very holistic view about filmmaking. That begins with his writing, and in terms of sound, it begins with his written words, his musical thoughts, and then his relationship with his production sound mixer Mark Ulano, with myself, Mike Minkler and Tony Lamberti. We’re involved in preproduction, and we’re already discussing some of the challenges that we are going to face in terms of trying to maximize the shooting period for sound. Also to minimize the need for ADR or other solutions that would be unacceptable to Quentin. He really has a big view of his films before he begins production, and we’re part of that. We’re in touch with one another, we discus the script, we discuss the shooting process, and of course the editing with Fred Raskin. We try and problem solve ahead of time, so issues and opportunities are fully explored.”

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