Contender – Makeup Artist Howard Berger, Hitchcock
Below The Line
Set in 1959 and 1960, Sacha Gervasi’s new semi-biographical film Hitchcock focuses on the titular director’s attempt to make the controversial horror picture Psycho. As Anthony Hopkins had been attached to play lead character of Alfred Hitchcock for a long period prior to production, when makeup artist and designer Howard Berger was brought in to create the character makeup, he began six weeks of testing six separate makeup designs on Hopkins before settling on a final version the night before shooting. “Something one has to remember is this is not a likeness makeup or a character makeup,” Berger revealed. “It’s a portrait of Alfred Hitchcock on Anthony Hopkins. It was supposed to remind us of Alfred Hitchcock. It is not Alfred Hitchcock, but Tony portraying him.”

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Posted Mon, Dec 24 2012 6:58 AM by Below the Line
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