Contender – Editor Fred Raskin, Django Unchained
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Fred Raskin says he stepped into “enormous shoes” when he took the job to edit Django Unchained for director Quentin Tarantino. This was the director’s first film since the premature passing of his long-time collaborator, editor Sally Menke. Raskin – who had assisted on the Kill Bill movies – was ready for the challenge. Because he had worked with the team previously, he was not only familiar with Tarantino’s cinematic tastes, he shared the director’s love for classic films. “He kept me in the family,” shares Raskin. “We’re both big movie geeks. I would run into him throughout the years at the New Beverly Cinema, the revival house, which he owns. We would have a nice little chat whenever we saw each other.” Tarantino also invited Raskin to screenings to get his opinion on films like Death Proof and Inglorious Bastards, further deepening the relationship.

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Posted Tue, Dec 18 2012 10:57 AM by Below the Line
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