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    October 2018 - Posts

    Featured Internship - CBS Sports Network - Spring Paid Intern - Remote Production
    LogoNYC...The Remote Production Intern will report to the Coordinating Producer of Remote Production and will be involved in observing edit sessions, viewing tape and performing research as needed. A strong interest in a future in sports production is a necessity.
    Featured Internship - Solar Films - Intern - Creative Development
    LogoNYC...Production company in SOHO, NYC, is looking for Creative Development interns to help research and develop feature projects.
    Featured Internship - Elevate Entertainment - Intern - Talent and Literary Departments
    LogoYou will be given an opportunity to learn about representation and development, help with scheduling, coordinate with casting directors, process submissions and auditions, answer phones, and cover scripts.
    Featured Internship - MysticArt Pictures - Intern - Casting and Development
    LogoCandidates selected to participate in the internship program will receive invaluable experience and exposure to the casting and development processes and will leave our program with skill sets necessary to work in these chosen fields.
    Featured Job - MTV - Department Assistant
    LogoThis is a Department Assistant for MTV & VH1 Physical and Production Management
    Featured Internship - Sony Pictures - Spring Intern - Drama Development
    LogoDrama Development is responsible for taking an idea/pitch and having it ordered to an on air series.
    Featured Internship - ShivHans Pictures - Intern - Development
    LogoInterns will read scripts and submissions, write coverage, assist with films in production and post production, and compile writer/director/talent lists.
    Featured Job - Confidential - Assistant to Unscripted Head of Development
    LogoAn unscripted production company with over 2,000 hours of programming seeks an assistant for their head of Development
    Featured Internship - Wayfarer Entertainment - Spring Intern - Production Company
    LogoInternships are very hands on at Wayfarer; we will make sure that you learn about all of the moving parts of working at a production company
    Featured Internship - Wayfarer Entertainment - Intern - Social Media
    LogoOur Hollywood based production company is looking for a Social Media Intern for the Fall of 2018 to help us create more positively disruptive social media content.
    Featured Internship - Sony Pictures - Spring Intern - Franchise Marketing
    LogoThe Franchise Marketing Department creates both traditional and digital campaigns with network and cable partners, as well as supports and develops merchandising efforts and opportunities.
    Featured Internship - NPR - Winter / Spring Intern - The Indicator
    LogoNYC...We're a very small, highly productive team of deeply curious economics and business reporters, and we love telling stories and geeking out about economics.
    Featured Job - Confidential - Creative Writing Education Customer Support
    LogoWe're looking for a talented writer who's passionate about creative writing, film and the entertainment industry.
    Featured Internship - Sony Pictures - Spring Intern - TV Comedy Development
    LogoYou will be provided with challenging tasks, real-world experience, valuable networking opportunities, and many educational and social opportunities while on the lot.
    Featured Internship - Icon PR - Winter Intern - PR
    LogoAn internship with ICON PR involves creating press clippings, media lists, press kits, and occasionally helping on-site with events for our clients.
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