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    October 2010 - Posts

    Featured Job - FEARnet - Social Media Marketing Consultant
    LogoResponsible for managing logistics of advertising campaigns, content development and delivery of assets, tracking and monitoring results, initiating process of creating social media wrap reports...[more]

    Featured Job - Comcast Entertainment Group - Associate Producer
    LogoAP will assist his or her team with the production of assigned segments, as well as edit non-team related segments. Responsibilities: Editing bonus clip from network shows for posting on the internet, Editing raw paparazzi/news footage, Editing segments from movies premieres and red carpet events...[more]

    Featured Intership - BermanBraun - TV / Production Intern
    LogoResponsibilities include: script coverage, research projects, social media outreach, and administrative support (phones, copies). Interns will have opportunities to participate in creative meetings and will learn about the development process first hand....[more]